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William Hurbert

Family Reunions

William Hurbert Phillips

LINEAGE Of:   Benjamin and Jennie Phillips      
SON: William Hurbert Phillips    
DOB: 1875


SPOUSE: Anna Bell Simms Phillips    
DOB: 1883


Daughter/Son Of:  
Historical Statement:      William Hurbert, often referred to as Will by most of the people who knew him, met and married Anna Bell Simms in or near the city of Gaffney, South Carolina where they began their life together. During their earlier years, they lived on a rented farm where their four oldest children were born. The family walked five miles to church; and the children walked five miles to school. Later Will purchased a ‘Surrey’ which was known as the best ride of that day. Will was a very successful farmer. He and his family worked very hard. After a while, Will purchased a plantation of 96 acres of land about three miles from Patterson Spring, North Carolina. There they had live stock, large fruit orchard, gardens, both good spring and well water, plenty of good farm grown food and cotton which was sold on the commercial market. Here the family grew to 14 children. The children were now walking three miles to school and three miles to church. It was at Patterson Spring that William Hurbert Phillips died on December 5, 1932. Anna Bell Phillips later moved to Charlotte, N.C. where she died in 1964. Born to William and Anna Bell were 14 children:  
  SON(s): Collis, Jay hugh, James, and George.
DAUGHTER(s):  Neely, Louise, Verdia, Senora, Vola (triplets Corene, Lorene, Irene- all died shortly after birth), and a set of twins that were un-named
MILESTONE(s): Purchased the first Surrey. (Well known ride in that time) Owned plantation of 96 acres.
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