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LINEAGE Of:   William Hurbert and Anna Bell Phillips      
SON: Collis Hurbert Phillips    
DOB: 1907


SPOUSE:  Jessie M. Cherry Phillips    
DOB:  19–


Daughter/Son Of:  
Historical Statement:  

     Collis was born near Gaffney, South Carolina. His parents later moved to Patterson Springs, N.C. Collis later met and married Jessie M. Cherry. They later moved to the County area of Claremont, North Carolina. There they lived and were parents of seven children. Collis and Jessie were very devoted to each other; which means much to the life of a family. Their life style was one of a farm dwelling. They were blessed to own a lovely home where they worked together and made it very comfortable. They loved their children and taught them to love each other and to love God. They lived before their children as examples one would be proud to follow.

Jessie died in Claremont in 1967. Collis died later in March of 1973 after a period of illness.

Born to Collis and Jessie were seven children, all sons:



SON(s): Collis Jr., John L., James Clyde, Lawrence Victor, George W., and William H. One son died at birth (un-named)
MILESTONE(s):  Collis and Jessie owned their own home.
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