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LINEAGE Of:   The oldest known member of our Phillips Family      
SON: Benjamin Phillips    
DOB: About 1800


Early 1900
SPOUSE: Jennie Phillips    
DOB: 1800’s


Daughter/Son Of:  
Historical Statement:

     Grandfather Benjamin Phillips was born into a slave family in or near Gaffney, South Carolina during the early 1800’s. Many years of his life were lived as a slave. Grandfather Benjamin provided for his family by skillfully cultivating the land and producing food and other farm items. Prayer and fellowship with God was a part of his life style. We are told that he lived a long life and died suddenly while performing a farm chore. He was about 115 years old at the time of his death during the early 1900’s. He is said to have been buried on an old indian reservation in the State of South Carolina.  Born to Benjamin and Jennie were twelve children.

SON(s):  Rosmond Phillips, William Hurbert Phillips, Mack Phillips, Logan Phillips, George Phillips, Pete Phillips, Bud Phillips.
DAUGHTER(s):  Carrie Phillips Green, Connie Phillips, Vigar Phillips, Nervie Phillips, Dola Phillips Walker
MILESTONE(s): Lived to approximately 115 years of age.
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