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LINEAGE Of:   William Hurbert and Anna Bell Phillips      
DAUGHTER: Louise J. Phillips Wilson    
DOB: 1906


SPOUSE:  Troy James Wilson    
DOB:  1902


Daughter/Son Of:  Ed Wilson and Ada Wilson  
Historical Statement:        Louise Jane was born near Gaffney, South Carolina. Her parents later moved the family to Patterson Springs, North Carolina where she lived and grew up. Louise later met and married Troy J. Wilson. During their earlier years their life style was one of farm dwelling in Mecklenburg County near Charlotte, North Carolina. They later moved into the City of Charlotte where Troy became employed in Commercial establishments and Louise maintained the household and cared for the family. Their children were taught to love God and the importance of Church worship and fellowship. they were also taught to work hard and be responsible children as well as responsible adults. After a period of illness Troy died in December 1955. Louise currently lives in Charlotte where she is experiencing senior years. During her earlier years Louise enjoyed sewing and ceramics. She has several garments and ceramic pieces that she has made.

Born to Louise and Troy were seven children:



SON(s):  Edward, Ray Louis, Arthur Lee, and Melvin.
DAUGHTER(s):  Helen Wilson Douglas, Pauline Wilson Belton, and M. Grace Wilson Mobley
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