2009 Phillips Family Reunion Motel Bash

On the night of August 7, 2009 the Phillips family continue their fellowshipping after that fantastic fish fry via various activities and games. This is our time to wound down and really get to know the ones we haven’t met before. I can truly say as the administrator of the web site I have learned so much about the Phillips family and how they are related to each other. There were three different tables playing card games (spades), and another were playing what seems to be scrabble. Some were having conversations about the past, and other topics.  Some were in the hospitality room having conversations and eating snacks. Some were outside taking in some fresh air, enjoying the moonlit night while learning about family members.

Mrs. Verdia Phillips Lewis seems to be having such a good time. She informed us that she just had a birthday, and was 100 years old. What a blessing to be 100 years old, have a good mind, and still is active in family functions. I (Melvin Lynch) had the opportunity to talk with Mrs. Verdia and asked her if someone would ask her to provide some pointers for longevity, what would her response be? She took a deep breath, sit back in her chair, and said; Trust in the Lord with all your heart, learn his ways, lean not into your own understanding, but trust in Him and allow Him to be first in your life. She spoke on about how good the Lord has been in her life, and how she’d loved to serve him. She shared several testimonials with me of how the Lord has brought her through. On her personal page she has this favorite quote;

“I heard the WORD of God preached in its fullness under the anointing of the Holy spirit. That word stirred my very soul to thinking–where will I spend eternity – “For there is a way that seemeth right but the end there of is death.” Proverbs 14:12 Man’s way is one of good works, customs, traditions and do the best you can; but, the WORD of God says that “Ye must be born again” St. John 3:16. “Not by works lest any man should boost for by Grace are ye saved through Faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God” Ephesians 2:8. God gave His only begotten Son to die on the cross for the remission of our sins. Jesus paid the sin debt by the shedding of his blood. Now we have a free will and must choose to accept HIM and be saved, or reject HIM and be lost.”

She is a person that once she get to know you, she is not shy about talking and telling you about the goodness of the Lord. People who desire wisdom, should sit and talk with people that has wisdom. Mrs. Verdia has much wisdom, and is an enjoyable person to talk with.

Mrs. Grace Mobley not only known for her contribution to the family history, the family history book, but also her patience and how she cares for others. She assisted with transporting Mrs. Verdia all the way from Washington DC, and was by her side throughout the entire family reunion. Love is an action word, and there should be signs of evidence. We thank Mrs. Alice also for driving from Washington DC to bring Mrs. Grace and Mrs. Verdia. What a wonderful thing to have is friends. That was so nice of her to take from her personal schedule to be a blessing to others. We thank you so much Mrs. Alice for such a great deed in what you’ve done. Please feel free to always be a part of the Phillips family on any event we may have.

Below are some various pictures taken during the motel bash.

Phillips Family
High Point, North Carolina

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