2009 Phillips Family Reunion in High Point, N.C.

On August 7, 2009 the Phillips family reunion committee began the process of greet and meet to visiting family members arriving to begin the 3 day reunion. The committee consist of 12 members, all dressed in orange t shirts eager to greet and register our Phillips family. I must say that the 12 people in the committee worked outstanding together, even though things didn’t go the way you wanted them, we would just move on and would continue to do what was needed to make this year’s reunion a success. We all had good ideas, good suggestion, and valuable input. To the right you will see LaQuita, and Cecilette busy going through forms to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Here you will see Theagis greeting Gwen from Arizona. Gwen and her husband Ronnie travel all the way from Arizona to spend time with family. Families are so important in getting to know your roots, family values, and to learn of your past. Theagis mention that she learned so much about her family this reunion, and has desires to learn even more. Below is Mrs. Grace Mobley, and Mrs. Margaret Mitchell checking in along with other family members. (Names will come later). Mrs. Grace has been a valuable asset to all the Phillips Family Reunions. She and other family members began our first reunion back in 1987, held in Charlotte. N.C. This is where the first draft of the family history book began.

Other committee members were actively involved with greeting family members, and even had some to be as bus boys, assisting with luggage, and travel gear. We even had time to text on our cell phone,,:) This was an exciting event for all of us to watch as family member would arrive and enter into the Fairfield Inn and Suites. Sometimes we didn’t know if they were with the Phillips family or another reunion being sponsored the same weekend. Sometimes we would greet people, and they were not with the Phillips family reunion, and it would be so embarrassing, but we accept it with a smile. One of our valuable committee member is Ms. Katrina Brodie (Junior Webmaster). She accepted this task as a serious responsibility with the willingness to go the extra mile. When actions were assigned to her, she would always follow though, and offer additional information as well. A committee is not just a bunch of people assigned to do a task, but a group of people working toward a common goal, and result in same gratitude’s. A committee requires a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and a lot of open-minded people. This is what we had in our High Point committee.

Deonne was the quiet one. She didn’t talk much, but had very good input when she did. Sometimes it better to listen rather than talk. Its hard to do both at the same time. Deonne was assigned to work with registration and the finance part of the committee. She also had several other tasks to complete, and was very willingly to assist with other tasks.

Keith (Spanky) was a great asset to the committee with his assistance in the manly chores, such as setup of tables, tents, chairs, running errands, etc. He also assisted with greeting family members as they arrived at the hotel and support with luggage. Any family event we have, Spanky has always contribute above and beyond what he’s asked to do. You never hear him complain about how much work, or how hard things are. Spanky’s favorite part in contributing to the family gatherings is grilling. No only he loves it, but he is really good at it.

Melvin Phillips attended several meetings and also supported in his ideals and opinions. He didn’t talk much but when he did, it was a great contribution to the committee. He also made guest welcome by his friendly attitude and his humble personality.

Special thanks to all the 2009 Phillips Family Reunion Committee. To God be the glory! What a successful event we planned, and executed. All things work for the good for them who love the Lord. Patricia Crawford whom was the Chairperson for the committee would always begin the meeting first with scripture and them prayer. She would always keep things decent and in order. I recall at one of our meeting each time someone would speak out of term, she would charge them a quarter (which would go toward the reunion funds). We didn’t have too many get out of order. There were some times we didn’t agree, sometimes things didn’t go your way, sometimes we met for long hours, sometimes not everyone showed up, but GOD! With God’s help, the meetings continue and was always productive, simply because we had an objective to meet, and nothing would prevent us from what we needed to do. Some of the ones not pictured above also had great contribution to the committee were, Ms. Carolyn Phillips, Ms. Cassandra Torrence, Mr. Wendell Pickett, Ms. Cheri McLean, and Ms. Kelsey Alston. 

Special thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality that Fairfield Inn and Suites provided to us. They were very professional in their support, and very tolerable in the Phillips family loudness. We would definately recommend them to anyone who plans an event in the future, and we would love to use them at our next family gathering. Thank you so much!

The Phillips Family
High Point, North Carolina

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