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LINEAGE Of:   William Hurbert and Anna Bell Phillips      
SON: Jay Hugh Phillips    
DOB: 1914


SPOUSE: Virginia Getter Phillips    
DOB:  19–


Daughter/Son Of:  
Historical Statement:  

     Jay Hugh was born in Patterson Springs, North Carolina. He later met and married Virginia Getter. They lived most of their developing years in North Carolina in or near Shelby. Their life style was one of farming. Their farm included live stock, vegetable gardens and cotton which was sold on the commercial market. Jay Hugh was a very hard working man. He took pride in providing a good living for his family. Jay’s concept of hard work and being a good provider was an example before his children to work and provide a good life for themselves.

Born to Jay and Virginia were twelve children: One child un-named died at birth.



SON(s): David, James K., Bobby, and Ralph
DAUGHTER(s):  Geneva, Mary Ann, Lenora P. England, Margaret P. Wilson, Peggy P. Hillman, Ruby P. Griggs, Lena Bell (deceased).
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