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LINEAGE Of: Mack and Susie Phillips    
SON: James Phillips    
DOB: 2-23-1906


SPOUSE: Bessie Curtis Phillips    
DOB: 1906


Daughter/Son Of:  
Historical Statement:

     James Phillips was one of twenty children born to Mack and Susie Phillips. James was born in Cherokee County on February 23, 1906. He was a resident of High Point for 30 years.  He was a faithful member of First Emmanuel Baptist Church for 30 years.  Prior to retirement he was employed by B & W Frame Work Company.  In 1929 he was united in marriage to Bessie Curtis.  This 50 year union was blessed with seven children, twenty-three grandchildren, and twenty-two great grandchildren.

  Some of his hobbies / interests, or likes are:
  • Enjoys gardening
  • Preferred walking, rather than riding to places
  • Loved attending church
  • Loved peppermint candy
  • Loved coffee
  • Never wore short sleeve shirts
  • The first to provide nicknames to family
  • Loved cutting grass, and taught many family members
SON(s):  William H. Phillips, Willie George Phillips, Willie Gene Phillips
DAUGHTER(s):  Pearline Crawford, Beatrice Dorsey, Diane Black (Deceased) Betty R. Edwards
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