LINEAGE Of: James and Bessie Curtis Phillips    
SON: Willie Jene Phillips    
DOB: 8-18-1936


SPOUSE: Patricia A. Phillips (Pat)    
DOB: 11-9-1943


Daughter/Son Of:  
Historical Statement:

    Willie J. Phillips was born in Cherokee County, South Carolina. Willie or (Uncle Joe as he is affectionately called by family) was reared in a loving home during the times of the 1930’s depression when times were especially hard.  Willie’s father and mother worked hard share cropping on a farm.  They labored in the fields raising cotton and corn.  Willie joined his dad in the fields along with his older sister, Pearline, his brothers, William (Coot) Hill, and Willie George (Rooster). Willie tells many memorable stories that they experienced during these times.  He talks about how his father hunted for mud turtles, rabbits, and birds. He talks about how the cat stole the piece of meat that their mother was going to use to season a pot of beans. She told the children go get the meat.  They chased down the cat and retrieved that piece of meat.  He talked of him and his brothers attending the Battleground School where the teachers were Rev. Douglass and his wife. Willie remembers that during morning devotions, Mr. Douglass would be singing before the class and he had tears in his eyes.  All the class wondered why he was crying.

Willie and his family eventually moved to High Point, N.C. following Aunt Jack and Aunt Nannie who had made the move earlier.  In High Point Willie attended William Penn High School and had memorable experiences there.

Willie left High Point and moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 1960. He worked at the Tip Top Bakery in Baltimore.  In 1971 he joined the Sharon Baptist Church, and was employed as Custodian and other administrative duties. He served faithfully as a member.  Willie has been recognized by the church where he received many awards and honors.

It was here that Willie met Patricia (Pat) and her son Eric.  Willie and Pat were united in marriage on August 20, 1985.  They continue to serve God and grow in their love and marriage.

Willie is the father to Gregory York and grandfather to Lakeisha York.  He is the surrogate parent to so many others who look to him for encouragement, guidance including his niece, nephews, and their children.



SON(s):  Eric E. Whittaker, (Step Son), Gregory York
MILESTONE(s):  Church honors and awards


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