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LINEAGE Of:   Benjamin and Jennie Phillips      
SON: Rosmond Phillips    
DOB: 1870


SPOUSE: Lula Watkins Phillips    
DOB: 1879


Daughter/Son Of: Green Gentry Adeline Watkins  
Historical Statement:

     Rosmond was born in South Carolina. He later met and married Lula Watkins. They lived most of their adult years in the cities of Ellenboro and Boiling Springs, North Carolina. Their life style was one of farming.

     Rosmond was an ordained Baptist Minister. He was moderator of the Gold Hill Baptist Association for several years. His life exemplified a love for God and for mankind in his service to God in ministering the gospel; and, in that he and his family often took the time to visit and fellowship with other relatives and friends.

     Rosmond died in 1935 and is buried in the Suck Creek Cemetary in South Carolina.

     Born to Rosmond and Lula were eleven children:
SON(s):  Hurbert, Payford, C.O., Melvin, Cornelia  
DAUGHTER(s):  Odell, Margaret Lee Mitchell, Roszellar McEntyre, Wineva McKinney, Gargrella Thompson, Luvella  
MILESTONE(s): Ordained Minister Moderator of the Gold Hill Baptist Association
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