William Hill and Vee Sawyer Phillips




Ronald Lee Phillips








Gwendolyn Singleton







Daughter/Son Of:



Historical Statement:

     Arizona Branch of the Tree, Eldest Son of William Hill Phillips and Vee Sawyer, Ronald Lee Phillips born in High Point, North Carolina 04/11/1955. He met and married the love of his life Gwendolyn Singleton. She was attending Vance Granville Technical College and he was attending North Carolina Central University. When he first layed eye’s on her, his mind said My God Ron you’re about to meet your wife. He walked over to her and introduced himself and grabbed her right hand and kissed the back of it, and said this will do for now. He was happy that he didn’t get slapped, She seemed shocked and pleased all at the same time, the rest as they say is history. Now, as of this writing its more than 3 decades later, they have 3 fine young men, Jason L Phillips, Demetrius M Phillips, Darius R Phillips, a daughter in-law Nicole Eck, married to Demetrius and they’ve given them 2 grandchildren, Akaiyan Phillips a grandson and Haven Phillips a granddaughter.  Some memorable milestones:




 Jason L. Phillips, Demetrius M. Phillips, Darius R. Phillips




































At 14 he invented an air pollution device for automobiles, High School Diploma, T Wingate Andrews High, Chemistry Major North Carolina Central University, Completing Submarine qualifications and earning my dolphins, Sonar Leading Officer and Sonar Supervisor on Trident Nuclear Strategic Missile Submarines, Completing Chief of The Watch Qualification, US Navy Electronics and Engineering School Technical Degree, Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree Norwich College, US Navy and Southern Illinois University Vocational Education Technical Degree, His retirement on October 30, 1996 from the US Navy Submarine Service was bitter, sweet. It was bitter because he was retiring from a job that he had spent nearly 24 years, most of that time submerged under the sea, which he absolutely loved. Yes, he enjoyed the adventure doing missions for the US that are still classified to this day. It was sweet because at my retirement ceremony, he made people laugh during my speech when he said, Gwen, finally after 24 years I’m giving up my mistress of the sea and coming home for good, I’m finally all yours. After that the crew lined the rails and in the tradition of the Navy Gwen and Ronald were piped ashore and the limo drove us to the sub base gates, where we began the next chapter of our lives.  

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